Spring 2014 Lecture Series Announcement

With today being the celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., SGA felt it only fitting to announce one of our lecturers for the Spring 2014 Lecture Series.

Photo by John Bazemore

Photo by John Bazemore

We are pleased to share that Martin Luther King III, MLK, Jr.’s eldest son, will be speaking with our campus community on March 5th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the RCC Auditorium. Throughout his life, Martin Luther King, III has worked with individuals intensely committed to the struggle for human rights and a nonviolent society.  He is the recipient of numerous awards and several honorary degrees. The SGA is both excited and honored to have the opportunity to invite MLK III to Bridgewater State University.

Please check back for more detailed event information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, save the date!

~ The BSU Student Government Association


MLK III speaking at the 50th anniversary of his father’s “I Have a Dream” speech:


Meet Abbie Levinson!

abbie levinson

Name:Abbie Levinson Hometown:Dartmouth
Position:Senator at large Favorite Music/Artist:The Beatles
Year:Freshman Favorite Movie:American Beauty
Major:Psychology Birthday/Zodiac sign:February 11th, 1996
Minor:Political Science Favorite color:Red
Other Organization Involvement:Film and video club, BSU dems Favorite Song:Paper Bag by Fiona Apple
Resident or Commuter:Resident Fun Fact: I love drawing!

SGA Breakfast 2014

In just a few days we will be entering another round of the recruitment season- our annual Welcome Breakfast!

Why should you attend this event you may ask? The following are just a few reasons:

1. To simply learn about SGA

2. To ask questions regarding anything about BSU- we can point you in the right direction

3. To receive information on how to become a member

4. To learn what we can do for you and your experience as a student or member of another organization

5. If nothing else, to enjoy a meal while meeting with some of the incredible current members

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Senator Prince Recap (Meeting April 22nd)

Minutes for SGA Meeting 4/22/14

Tonight’ meeting is covering a few motions brought to us from policy board. We are also voting on who will be the SGA’s next Senate Chair.

The first motion is motion 110, which was tabled last week because a few changes needed to be made. This motion covered the procedures that need to be taken in order for candidates to apply for an appeal or for a recount.

This motion passed

The second motion is motion 116, which sets forth official policies to reprimand Senators who commit ethics violations. This also allows non SGA members to sit on the judicial committee and makes clear guidelines as to what ethical behavior should be.

This motion passes 14-0-0

The third motion is motion 117, which is a revised version of motion 44. Motion 117 is brought forth by Senator Brillant, who was chair of the Ad-Hoc that was created to settle the issues that was had with motion 44.

This motion passed 9-4-1

The forth motion is motion 118, which requires Senators to fill out a brief report when they attend Trustee meeting and club events. This will also help for record keeping when it comes to funding the same events next year.

This motion passed 7-6-1

The fifth motion is motion 119, which is to elect a new Senate Chair.

Senator Lindsey Moreau was elected Senate chair for next year.